After you have developed your resource mobilization plan and assigned roles for tapping resources from various sources, you need to prepare your tools, or in other words your marketing material. Obviously, you will not seek funding from donor agencies without a proposal and you will not organize fundraising events without getting your information brochure ready. So what are the promotional materials required to carry out the resource mobilization process?

Organizational Profile: Make sure you have developed your organizational profile that will have the basic information about the name of your organization, contact address, contact person, objectives, vision, working areas etc. You can learn more about how to develop NGO profiles at this link.

Brochure: A brochure is a more attractive way of presenting your organizational profile. You can get it printed with interesting text and graphics. Learn more about developing brochures at this link.

Annual Report: The annual report comes with the complete documentation of one year’s activity along with the financial details. You can know more about it at this link.

Governing Document: A governing document provides an overview of how your organization is structures. Visit this link to know more.

Fact Sheet: A fact sheet offers quick and concise information about the organization. See this link for more information.

Website: Websites have now become essential tools of identification. They can play a powerful role while raising funds from international donors. Any donor sitting remotely would first like to take a look at your website.