Defining Resource Mobilization
As fundraisers, we often come across the term ‘resource mobilization.’ Although technical in sense, it merely means mobilizing resources. Now resources can include many different things, not just money, for your organization. Apart from money, you can also raise support from volunteers; you can also receive material donations for your NGO; or you can get in-kind contribution from your own community. So, in order to put all these sources of support into one kitty (including cash donations), we refer to them collectively as ‘resource mobilization.’

Resource mobilization is actually a process of raising different types of support for your organization. As said above, it can include both cash and in-kind support. To further understand what this process is, we will break up these different types of support below:

  1. Submitting proposals to a typical donor agency is the most conventional way of getting support
  2. Organizing fundraising events where you invite guests and request donations for your organization
  3. Donation boxes where you request small amounts of money from public
  4. Collecting in-kind contribution such as used clothes, furniture, books, vehicles or even buildings
  5. Volunteer support where volunteers provide their time and resources to support the work of your organization
  6. Income from business-oriented projects of your organization like selling of publications, offering consultancies, microfinance, micro insurance or micro-enterprise-based activities

All the above listed types of support are essential for NGOs though all of them do not contribute equally to the funding needs of the organization. Yet, a good fundraising strategy will consider all these.